Benefit Boosters

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Clarify your strengths with the help of the Benefit Booster cards.

Knowing your character strengths isn’t just interesting information. When applied effectively,  your strengths benefit both to you and society as a whole. They can help you:

  • Buffer against, manage and overcome problems
  • Improve how you connect and relate to others
  • Enhance health and overall well-being

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Product Description

What tools have you got to enable you to perform or achieve desired actions or outcomes? What habits of thinking and behaviour do you have that will help you? Every one of us has core character strengths – these are resources that can be found within ourselves

Your character strengths are your inner benefit boosters. They are:

  • A collection of positive traits that are reflected in your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Influenced and shaped by a variety of sources including your environment, family, friends and relationships, experiences you have had, your successes and failures and the values with which you identify and choose to live by.
  • Different from your talents and skills, which are things you are good at, such as playing guitar or soccer. Those talents and skills are WHAT you do. Character strengths are HOW you do the things.
  • Positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave and are the keys to you being your best self.
  • Often it is during times of adversity or challenge when your character strengths are most obvious.

This boxed pack of 38 cards are printed on 55mm x 90mm card and gloss laminated on both sides for durability.


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